Sunday, 3 June 2012

Chamber of stink!!

My big sister, Britney helping with Cambell's Physio Therapy

Well, another lot of HBOT done and dusted... only a 45 minute dive this time.  5 minutes after we'd pressurised, Cambell decided to poo... yes, go on... laugh Lee and Dawn lol.  He was quite proud of his efforts, cheeky little monkey.  Once again, he stayed awake the whole time even though he didn't have a day time nap ~ I guess the positive of this is that I don't get as bored :)

Hope everyone has a great week!! 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Back at it!

Well, after just over a month "off" we're back at it!  Yay

Time to make myself a little bit "accountable" ~ You see, I was having a bit of a pity party ~ when we're in the Chamber I'm in very close proximity to Cambell's hands and feet and he seems to like using them to Smack, pull hair, kick, scratch and if I'm real unfortunate, I may cop a bite... youch!  Anyhow, this slight "trauma" won't cause me any long term effects will it???  On the other hand, every time we've carried out HBOT sessions with Cambell, even though it's only been short "spurts", we always see progress!   So, to cut to the chase... my short term suffering compared to his long term progress is really insignificant at the end of the day!  Cambell comes first... I'll get over it, plain and simple!  If you haven't read on his Facebook page that we've done HBOT for a while or read on his blog here... ask me straight up why the hell not and feel free to remind me of my above statement!!  I'll thank you for it... trust me!

Tonight (Saturday) marked night 3 of being "back at it" ~ Thursday night, we were at pressure for only half an hour as Cam started to get restless and "Mother's Instinct" told me he wasn't going to settle so we cut the session short.  Friday all good, completed the whole hour under pressure as we did tonight.  This was a shock as I'd only just zipped up the chamber and he was quite emotional and hard to console.

He had a very big day today  ~ 4 hour round trip for an appointment with a Physio Therapist, Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists.  We'll see how we go with this over the next Month or so ~ we're learning as much as we can so we can continue "therapy" at home on a daily basis.

No pics tonight as my phone is flat and my camera is in the same room as sleeping Cam and I dare not risk waking him!