Friday, 9 September 2011

Cause and Effect ...

It occured to me this morning while Cambell was in the bath that he has learnt something new!  He is now blowing bubbles like you would while doing swimming lessons :)  clever little cookie ~  he is pleased with himself too as after every bubble blowing session, he stops to give me one of his gorgeous little grins.

We had another 3 (or so) hour round trip into Townsville on Thursday so Cam could see another Physiotherapist who was up from Brisbane.  It's always great to get a second opinion from specialists, etc.  Her advice was repetition, repetition, repetition for Cam ~ lots of sitting to standing excercises and she also said it would be great for Cambell to have his little AFO's on as much as possible to support those wee little feet of his.  He also rotates his feet alot which is very unneccessary so the boots will stop him doing that so much.    

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