Thursday, 22 September 2011

It's been a while ...

Hi Everyone,
Well ~ it's been quite some time since our last update so thought I'd best do something about it.

We'll start with what's been happening as far as progress goes...

* Cambell is a lot more vocal than he use to be. 
* He is definately a lot more active
* HE HAS STARTED CRAWLING!!  Only very short distances at this stage but hey...
* He is enjoying climbing on and then off the lounge chairs

Do I think this is due to his time in the Chamber receiving HBOT?  Could it just be progress that was coming anyway?  I don't know and to be honest, I don't really care.  Afterall, if IS progress and progress is a great thing.

I have such positive thoughts and dreams for this little boy who we were told would most likely never walk.  He is also so determined!

More good news, we have received Cambell's special buggy and we love it!  No more little feet poking at the stroller wheels... it's great!

Ready, set, crawl...


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