Sunday, 3 June 2012

Chamber of stink!!

My big sister, Britney helping with Cambell's Physio Therapy

Well, another lot of HBOT done and dusted... only a 45 minute dive this time.  5 minutes after we'd pressurised, Cambell decided to poo... yes, go on... laugh Lee and Dawn lol.  He was quite proud of his efforts, cheeky little monkey.  Once again, he stayed awake the whole time even though he didn't have a day time nap ~ I guess the positive of this is that I don't get as bored :)

Hope everyone has a great week!! 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Back at it!

Well, after just over a month "off" we're back at it!  Yay

Time to make myself a little bit "accountable" ~ You see, I was having a bit of a pity party ~ when we're in the Chamber I'm in very close proximity to Cambell's hands and feet and he seems to like using them to Smack, pull hair, kick, scratch and if I'm real unfortunate, I may cop a bite... youch!  Anyhow, this slight "trauma" won't cause me any long term effects will it???  On the other hand, every time we've carried out HBOT sessions with Cambell, even though it's only been short "spurts", we always see progress!   So, to cut to the chase... my short term suffering compared to his long term progress is really insignificant at the end of the day!  Cambell comes first... I'll get over it, plain and simple!  If you haven't read on his Facebook page that we've done HBOT for a while or read on his blog here... ask me straight up why the hell not and feel free to remind me of my above statement!!  I'll thank you for it... trust me!

Tonight (Saturday) marked night 3 of being "back at it" ~ Thursday night, we were at pressure for only half an hour as Cam started to get restless and "Mother's Instinct" told me he wasn't going to settle so we cut the session short.  Friday all good, completed the whole hour under pressure as we did tonight.  This was a shock as I'd only just zipped up the chamber and he was quite emotional and hard to console.

He had a very big day today  ~ 4 hour round trip for an appointment with a Physio Therapist, Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists.  We'll see how we go with this over the next Month or so ~ we're learning as much as we can so we can continue "therapy" at home on a daily basis.

No pics tonight as my phone is flat and my camera is in the same room as sleeping Cam and I dare not risk waking him!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Session Six

Cambell missed out on HBOT last Thursday and Friday as he was asleep earlier than the chooks!!  Not to worry, we're not on a tight schedule :)

Last night we had Dive 6 ~ after we had pressurised (7 minutes) Cam was asleep within about 5 minutes.  Needless to say, without having to dodge flying hands and feet and having no-one to sing was quite a long and boring hour for me.  I think I should have taken up Cris' (Cambell's Daddy) offer of getting a pillow for me!

He was up bright and early this morning... nothing new for him and is in a great little mood.  Bring on Session Seven tonight...

Sleeping like a baby :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dive Five

If every session was as great as that one I would be a VERY happy lady!!  We had NO grizzling at all tonight!  Every session up till tonight, Cambell would start getting very restless around the 50 minute mark.  Tonight though, he was nothing but content.  It takes about 7 minutes to pressurise the Chamber, we then go for 1 hour before we start to de-pressurise and that also takes about 7 minutes.

You ROCK little man ~ Mummy is just so proud of you!! xo

I am so glad that we "zip" up from the inside!  This zip toggle keeps Cambell very amused ~ every few minutes he will return to it to just hit it about and watch it flicking around.

We had a brief visit from Big Brother Rylan tonight ~ he stopped by our window to say "hello" 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Session 4

Best Session to date ~ very little discomfort and at some points I even suspected that someone had "spiked" our Oxygen as he kept getting the giggles over absolutely nothing.  Bring on the happy gas EVERY session I say!!

You may have noticed he quints a lot... this is only due to the fact that the flash on my camera is extremely bright... especially when we're "enveloped" in nothing but white.

I remembered "soft" toys tonight :)  He was kept pretty well amused with his little bag of fidgets and was very proud of himself when he managed to get a few out.  This too spurred on the giggles!

All tuckered out and ready to call it a day ~  Good night my little Champion, sweet dreams x

Monday, 16 April 2012

Dive 3 ~ Starting to get quite cruisy

Tonight was Session/dive number 3 ~ this is the calmest Cambell has been and I am so happy that he is settling into the program really well again.  It certainly makes "life" in there so much easier for the both of us.  He was reasonably gentle in there tonight too ~ he was trying to kick a bit and I accidentally got eye gouged lol.  I do have to say that it is as rare as hens teeth that he is even rough out of nastiness ~ he simply doesn't understand that he's hurting Mummy (or anyone else) ... I got lots of snuggles and smooches tonight in the chamber... so beautiful :)

I was just over the moon today when as I was unbuttoning Cambell's shirt, that he tried lifting it up over his head.  To some, this is just your usual "run of the mill" action for a nearly 4 year old, but for Mr Cambell it was another beautiful stepping stone to a life of independence ~ WOW, more progress after just 2 sessions of HBOT ~ you would not believe how excited I am.

Mr Cheeky on the weekend :)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Session 2 ~ Smoother Sailing

Session 2 ~ Tonight went a LOT smoother.  No tears until the last 5 minutes but a bit of grizzling throughout the session.  That is to be expected though I guess, after all he is a 3 and a half year old little boy who would no doubt find lying down still for over an hour quite boring!  We had quite a few smiles and chats too

We'll be trying to work on the concept of being gentle every session ... for Mummy's benefit lol.  I must also remember that soft toys would be preferable in the chamber!  As much as he loved playing with his little rain maker toy, it didn't do down too well with my face being within close proximity.

The Rainmaker ~ if you look closely, you can see the tube I'm trying to hold as close to his nostrils as possible.  He refuses to have anything to do with his Nasal Canula OR Mask.

Apart from the Dive tonight ~ we've had a good day.  Cambell woke up very happy and full of cuddles for Mummy and was in quite a talkative (babbles, as he is still non verbal... for now!) mood.
It was also Cambell's big brother, Jayden's 14th Birthday today ... Happy Birthday Jayden!!

These are my big brothers, Jayden and Rylan ~ photo taken last December

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A new beginning...

Well, aren't I just so dedicated to blogging!  It's nearly been 7 months since our last update... crikey!

Tonight, we recommenced HBOT...yay!  I've decided that we may as well start over as it's been quite sometime since we last "dived".  It was far too hot for HBOT during the Summer months, even Spring for that matter so we did have a bit of a break.  During that time and thanks to the generosity of some amazing people, we were able to get enough funds together for the air conditioning/dehumidifying unit for the Chamber so come next Spring and Summer, we will have no worries :)

HBOT #1 - To say it was a bit of a nightmare is an understatement!  The first 10 minutes were spent crying and just being generally restless.  The 40 minutes after that weren't too bad ~ Cambell was quite fidgety and would play with just about everything he could inside the Chamber.  The final 10 minutes were HORRIFIC!  He cried, he squealed in the most highest possible tone humanly possible (didn't go down too well in such a confined space!), he was hitting me, kicking me and pulling my hair ... not a happy lil man and not a happy lil Mumma.  I can only hope and pray that he adjusts to being confined over time... a SHORT time would be lovely.

Anyway, we made it through dive 1 in one piece and he is now sound asleep :)

As it HAS been sometime since our last blog post, I thought I would quickly catch you all up on what he is doing right now so we can all keep track of his progress...

* Cruising around the furniture at a nice pace
* Crawling on all 4's very nicely but drags his knees a little
* His vocabulary consists of "Mum" and if he is hurt, he actually says "ow" through the tears
* He likes to feed himself finger food but can not yet "operate" utensils
* He has crawled down our front steps!!  All 4 of them haha

Not a happy camper