Thursday, 12 April 2012

A new beginning...

Well, aren't I just so dedicated to blogging!  It's nearly been 7 months since our last update... crikey!

Tonight, we recommenced HBOT...yay!  I've decided that we may as well start over as it's been quite sometime since we last "dived".  It was far too hot for HBOT during the Summer months, even Spring for that matter so we did have a bit of a break.  During that time and thanks to the generosity of some amazing people, we were able to get enough funds together for the air conditioning/dehumidifying unit for the Chamber so come next Spring and Summer, we will have no worries :)

HBOT #1 - To say it was a bit of a nightmare is an understatement!  The first 10 minutes were spent crying and just being generally restless.  The 40 minutes after that weren't too bad ~ Cambell was quite fidgety and would play with just about everything he could inside the Chamber.  The final 10 minutes were HORRIFIC!  He cried, he squealed in the most highest possible tone humanly possible (didn't go down too well in such a confined space!), he was hitting me, kicking me and pulling my hair ... not a happy lil man and not a happy lil Mumma.  I can only hope and pray that he adjusts to being confined over time... a SHORT time would be lovely.

Anyway, we made it through dive 1 in one piece and he is now sound asleep :)

As it HAS been sometime since our last blog post, I thought I would quickly catch you all up on what he is doing right now so we can all keep track of his progress...

* Cruising around the furniture at a nice pace
* Crawling on all 4's very nicely but drags his knees a little
* His vocabulary consists of "Mum" and if he is hurt, he actually says "ow" through the tears
* He likes to feed himself finger food but can not yet "operate" utensils
* He has crawled down our front steps!!  All 4 of them haha

Not a happy camper 

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