Friday, 13 April 2012

Session 2 ~ Smoother Sailing

Session 2 ~ Tonight went a LOT smoother.  No tears until the last 5 minutes but a bit of grizzling throughout the session.  That is to be expected though I guess, after all he is a 3 and a half year old little boy who would no doubt find lying down still for over an hour quite boring!  We had quite a few smiles and chats too

We'll be trying to work on the concept of being gentle every session ... for Mummy's benefit lol.  I must also remember that soft toys would be preferable in the chamber!  As much as he loved playing with his little rain maker toy, it didn't do down too well with my face being within close proximity.

The Rainmaker ~ if you look closely, you can see the tube I'm trying to hold as close to his nostrils as possible.  He refuses to have anything to do with his Nasal Canula OR Mask.

Apart from the Dive tonight ~ we've had a good day.  Cambell woke up very happy and full of cuddles for Mummy and was in quite a talkative (babbles, as he is still non verbal... for now!) mood.
It was also Cambell's big brother, Jayden's 14th Birthday today ... Happy Birthday Jayden!!

These are my big brothers, Jayden and Rylan ~ photo taken last December

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