Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dive 3 and 4

We've had 2 more "dives" since our last blog entry.  Dive 3 was pretty good ~ Cambell still has a little discomfort while pressurising but this passes quickly and then he will happily play with his toys for the hour.  We tried the Nasal Canulla again and he kept it in for about 15 minutes before ripping it on then it was back to Mummy holding the end of the tube as close to his nostils as possible.  This was very eventful as he was carrying on as if he had ants in his pants lol.

Dive 4 was tonight ~ 13th.  He was really good during pressurising. We popped earplugs (for swimming) in his ears and this seemed to help.  Cam was really relaxed in the chamber tonight, so much so that after about half an hour he dozed off.  The Canulla was tried AGAIN but to no avail.. it lasted maybe 5 minutes.

Why are they called dives?  Well, to put it simply ~ the chamber is pressurised to 1.5 ATA.  This equates to being underwater by about 15 feet. 

No huge improvements to note as yet but I'm certain they are coming :)  He has been really "chatty" today but he does have days like that anyway.  I'm pretty sure we experienced a HBOT "poo" (well 2 actually) today as well... I've heard of these but boy oh boy!!!  I think I will keep a peg in his Wipes case!!

Sound asleep

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