Monday, 15 August 2011

~: Number Five Dive :~

Hi Everyone :)

We missed out on having a Dive yesterday as Mummy wasn't feeling too good and THAT being the case, it's advisable to not dive.  Daddy couldn't go in with me either because he is away.

Dive Five was tonight and Cambell was just perfect!  No problems at all with his ears while the chamber was pressurising or anything... this is just WONDERFUL for us :)  Cambell was pretty content the whole hour session too.  The only time he got a teeny weeny bit irritable was when big brother, Rylan popped by our viewing window to say "hello" ~ Cambell just LOVES being with his best mate.  If Rylan had his way, he would be in the chamber with us too.  

What's the chamber like for Mummy?  Well ~ squishy!  I'm not sure I will ever get use to getting kicked, kneed, slapped, scratched, pinched, etc in the face :/  You see, I lie down on my tummy in there with Cambell sitting (or lying) down in front of me.  My little champion has no perception of being gentle... hopefully HBOT will help this too :D 

Today, Cam has been like a little Yo-Yo!  He had a thing for climbing onto the lounge chairs and because I don't want him falling off, I've been putting him back on the ground but... straight back up he will go!  He seems pretty chuffed with himself too!

We still have the VERY stinky nappies (I wish you told me exactly HOW BAD they were Dawn lol) and the fact that he has a HUGE appetite since starting HBOT well... need I say more lol.  At the end of the day though ~ it is a great thing that he has such a healthy appetite so I really shouldn't complain.

I hope everyone reading has had a wonderful day and we're SO very happy to be sharing our journey with you all.

This is what the Chamber looks like inflated

We wore red today for Daniel Morcombe ~ RIP

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